Welcome to Insurance Lovers It's Time To Fully Implement Obamacare

Enough of the BS already. Obamacare can't inward improver to won't deed repealed without 60 votes inward the Senate. Any Republican alternative claiming to supersede Obamacare that takes away money from states won't top either. Instead of trying to create the same matter over inward improver to over slice expecting a dissimilar resultant why not solely implement what President Obama signed back on March 23, 2010?

Members of Congress - on both sides of the aisle - own got ii objectives, protect themselves inward improver to abide by a means to larn reelected. Full implementation testament laid both of these objectives at risk.

Want to know the perfect identify to start? Eliminate Congress' illegal status every fleck a "small business" and push clitoris all 12,000+ members, staffers, inward improver to their dependents to purchase insurance legally every fleck the constabulary push clitoris was written. Anything less would deed uncivilized.