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Over the years, we've talked precisely about Marathon insurance, Football insurance, even Snow insurance. But this is a novel one: Baseball insurance.

"Earlier this season, local window fellowship Universal Windows Direct offered an intriguing promotion: whatever purchases made inwards the month of July would suffer refunded inwards full if the Indians notched a 15-game winning streak before the stop of the season."

Well, they've already surpassed that, which is bad news for the window folks.

Or is it?

As you've inwards all likelihood guessed, inwards that house is no such thing every bit Marathon or Snow insurance, let solitary Baseball. But the folks who piece of employment the fellowship had purchased "Special Event" coverage, which price "$75,000 ... to comprehend the $1.7 million," really a bargain.

As we noted back inwards Aught Nine:

"Special Event insurance is simply that: coverage to protect i from a abrupt loss during more than or less strange activity or promotion. Think "$1 1000000 Hole In One Contest."

And Bob's your uncle.