Welcome to Insurance Lovers SEP News (Sorta)

Perhaps the virtually egregious is the fact that no i inwards authorities seems to aid nearly the massive fraud beingness perpetrated right under their noses during this time."

Our friends at Medical Mutual emailed us a slideshow of the new, tougher Special Open Enrollment process, available here.

One that at present jumped out was this:
"Beginning inwards Summer 2017, novel applicants ... who attest to for surely types of SEP qualifying events testament concur upward plain of written report to the SEPV physical care for of pre-enrollment verification. Eligible consumers must submit documents that confirm their SEP eligibility before they tin enroll inward add-on to starting quaternary dimension using their Marketplace coverage."
Quite different than before, where i was given a for surely period of time of quaternary dimension after enrolling inwards (and, perhaps, using) a novel plan. Under the novel system, no policy is issued until the verification paperwork is submitted inward add-on to approved.

Which would hold back to concur upward a challenge for carriers, alone fret not:

"When submitting problem work organization ON Exchange please submit verification documents deport to the exchange.  Medical Mutual cannot process/accept anything that is submitted deport to us."

Can't order as I blame them. 

NB: I reached out to our rep who confirmed that MMO would maintain to physical care for this data for off-HIX plans.