Welcome to Insurance Lovers CCW Insurance (Redux) [Updated]

Our ErieSecure Home policy alongside the Select bundle correct away includes criminal defence forcefulness strength toll reimbursement"

Which is nice, only Andrew Branca, the guy who literally wrote the volume on self-defense, told me that "it's a reimbursement-type program," with which he wasn't much impressed.

But that was then, inwards add-on to this is now, inwards add-on to our friend Bill M has tipped me to this potentially helpful alternative:

"The USA Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) provides a policy for its members designed to homecoming immediate assistance afterwards an incident."

The plans, which larn far at from unopen $150 to $350 a solar year (depending on score of protection), comprehend attorney's fees, bail, even out counseling (interesting, that). And they're specifically geared to comprehend intentional acts, non solely accidental discharges.

I reached out to the folks at USCCA, yell for if we give notice select our ain attorney or if they assigned one. They replied:

"Yes, y'all lot may select your ain attorney. We exercise got a network of criminal defence forcefulness strength attorneys that y'all lot give notice select from. However, y'all lot well-nigh sure enough select your own. A listing of our attorney network is provided to members on their dashboard."

Which is a goodness thing.

I've reached out to Andrew for his take, inwards add-on to testament update this post alongside his reply.

UPDATE: So it turns out that Andrew is on the USCCA's Legal Advisory Board, thence he's very familiar alongside the program:

"Pluses: They permit the swain fellow member select their ain lawyer, they don't endeavor to exercise make the lawyer-client relationship, they don't research the lawyer's fees or enquire what he's doing alongside the money, inwards add-on to they pay the retainer inwards add-on to other legal expenses every bit they are incurred.

Those are huge advantages over well-nigh of their competitors. The i down-side is that they cap criminal legal coverage [at a less-than-impressive number]. That's fine for pre-trial expenses on a non-killing charge. Too picayune for pre-trial on a killing charge, in addition to picayune for an actual trial

He inwards add-on to his colleagues exercise got advised the USCCA folks of this shortfall, thence that may change. The bottom problem is that this seems to move a viable, cost-effective insurance plan.