Welcome to Insurance Lovers Thursday LinkFest

First up, FoIB Dana Beezley-Smith has a genuinely powerful post service on her weblog virtually the actual, real-world bear on that ObamaCare has had on the soul insurance market. While various pundits inward improver to pols criticize (often justifiably) on the Republican's latest attempts, they seem to guide hold missed the ACA's "trajectory of higher premiums inward improver to costs” inward improver to “fewer, if any, coverage choices.

Read the whole thing.

Co-Blogger Bob V has the latest from the annals of the Much Vaunted National Health System©, where a "nurse has revealed she was charged £80 for parking, on function past times of parking fees already docked from her wages," all because she overstayed her shift to provide actual, yous know, care to a cardiac patient.

But hey, gotta pay for that "free care" somehow.

And today's novel give-and-take comes from FoIB Holly R: "Buurtzorg," Dutch for "neighborhood care." And it's not but a fun tongue-twister, it "allows nurses to human activeness every infinitesimal a ‘health coach’ for their patients, advising them on how to balance healthy, caring for their needs inward improver to using their initiative."

And the results are impressive, allowing the Dutch "healthcare scheme to cutting dorsum costs by times around 40%, province the quaternary dimension it takes to administer tending has been slashed by times a staggering 50%."

Maybe worth a facial expression here?