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Little Ethan has endured many surgeries for his condition together with takes daily medications to run on him alive. His latest surgery resulted inward a account of $231,115.00.  Since his parents had health insurance, their financial responsibility was lonely $500.00 together with give thank you lot you lot to the parent’s health insurance, piffling Ethan is assured of receiving medical handling for the remainder of his life.

The other piffling homo modest is Charlie. Charlie is 10 months quondam together with was born with Mitochondrial Depletion Syndrome. Charlie is actually ill together with has non received whatever treatment, other than basic life support. Without life dorsum upwards he testament kicking the bucket together with level with treatment, the prognosis is non good.

Now ane homo modest lives inward the Earth that has Health Care that is each individual’s financial responsibility together with the other homo modest lives inward the Earth that takes cares of its populaces Health Care without a financial drain on the individual.

Reading the scenarios, Ethan is fairing much better than Charlie. He is receiving handling together with living together with thriving. Ethan lives inward the United State of America together with has the benefits of all the Medical Care he could wishing or need, without the authorities interfering inward his decision. Charlie lives inward England, where the Health Care is directed by times the National Health Care System, which determines how the medical dollars testament live spent together with on whom, without input from the patient.

Which Earth is which from our opening? …. Well Dear Reader, I am for certain you lot lot teach got figured out that Callous is the USA together with Enlightened is England.

These two cases focus inward really 4th dimension the benefits of the Health Care System inward America together with the flaw inward whatever Socialist Health Care (such as that which currently exists inward England. In whatever Socialist System, at that location is INFINITE NEED with FINITE RESOURCES. England has chosen the compassionate route for Health Care, taking the financial burden from individuals so all tin benefit. The lonely trouble is that when at that location is lonely ane pot of money together with so lonely the stiff testament survive. When individuals rely on themselves, instead of the Government, together with so at that location are INFINITE RESOURCES to teach by with all needs.

There is a footnote to these stories: Ethan is lucky enough to teach got ane convey upwards who is an American together with ane convey upwards who is Canadian. Given the alternative of the two health systems for Ethan’s care, his parents picked America. They purposely chose Callous over Enlightened.