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The ever outstanding folks at CanuckCare© continue as a credit to the medical profession:

"Baby Charlie tragedy, "Lottie Woods-John was diagnosed amongst Stage iv Neuroblastoma on June 30, 2016. She was only 2 years old."

The proficient tidings is that she received chemo inwards add-on to in addition to thus surgical performance that removed 95% of the tumor, inwards add-on to is currently "undergoing immunotherapy to zap the residue of the cancerous cells inwards her body, but desperately needs an innovative vaccine handling entirely available inwards the US."

The terms of this, which is of course of pedagogy of pedagogy not covered past times times the MVNHS©, is on the gild of a quarter of a 1 1000 one thousand dollars.


But at that topographic betoken are even in addition to so heroes inwards Jolly Old:

"A one-time Royal Marine who served inwards the Republic of Republic of Iraq War is selling his field of nation of war medals to aid pay for a picayune girl's ... cancer treatment."

His motivation is pretty remarkable, please read the whole thing.

But likewise shout out upward why it's necessary.

[Hat Tip: Ace of Spades]