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the link to my post concluding solar year on why I've decided to sit down downwards out (for the most part) Open Enrollment.

I wasn't terribly surprised to bring this:

"Per your blog, I would like to verbalise to the folks at Cornerstone.  Please frontwards my data to them for referral.  Thanks!"

And of course of teaching of written study I will.

■ A few days later, Sheila called me most her health insurance needs. She like a shot launched into a shout out for for a detailed description of the various companies we represent, every bit practiced every bit innovation options inward add-on to costs.

I cutting her off every bit chop-chop every bit I could, telling her "no, I can't gain that."

There was a minute of stunned silence, inward add-on to she asked "Why not? I purpose at a schoold inward add-on to they've e'er provided that to me." I explained that they're a rather large scheme that tin afford to gain that, inward add-on to that I no longer sell plans inwards between Open Enrollment (she inward add-on to her children hold off to qualify for a Special Open Enrollment).

She like a shot understood, inward add-on to asked if  could elevator her to most other agent. I told her that I don't know of whatsoever other local agents withal selling health insurance outside of Open Enrollment. She took that in, inward add-on to so asked "well, what tin I do?"

I didn't wish to leave of absence this wretched lady but twisting inwards the wind, so I directed her to the site, inward add-on to gave her most pointers most navigating it (SWIDT?).

Thus life under ObamaCare.


Welcome to Insurance Lovers More from the 3000% Rate Decrease Dept

Not just #BreakingNews, of course, solely here's why this is important: folks that are affected by times this kicking the bucket exempt from the ObamaTax penalty fee fine tax. Of course, we've never been told how many folks convey very ponied upward their ObamaTax obligation.

Wonder why....

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Welcome to Insurance Lovers Health Wonk Review is up

Brad Wright hosts this week's collection of post-repeal fatigue, together alongside includes helpful commentary on each post.

Thanks, Brad!

Welcome to Insurance Lovers quarta-feira Linkapalooza: FoIB edition

First up, via our friend subsidy #Clawback together alongside a (non?)dependent son:

Euthanasia became legal inward Canada inward June together alongside by times December Quebec bioethicists had already published an article inward the Journal of Medical Ethics calling for organ donation afterwards euthanasia."

To final fair, parts is parts.

On a happier note, together alongside inward the waning days of Life Insurance Awareness Month, Allison Bell tells us that:


Good news!

Welcome to Insurance Lovers Underwriting Annuities

Please acquit with me here: although this may look a combat "inside baseball," there's real a larger betoken to final made (and we'll movement to it shortly).

In brief, annuities are just money vehicles issued by times insurance carriers. They hold off together with deed a lot similar CD's, with ii significant distinctions: first, the involvement builds upwards on a tax-advantaged basis, together with when the 4th dimension comes, the money tin final paid out inward an income electrical flow that y'all lot can't outlive.

Because they're essentially savings accounts (although just close are designed to mimic green funds together with the like) they're not more than oftentimes than not underwritten; that is, the carrier doesn't real aid if y'all lot run marathons or are on chemo.

But this creates an interesting operate (and the betoken to which I alluded): the fact that one's lifestyle plays no job puts just close folks at a disadvantage.

How's that?

Well, let's acre y'all lot smoke a pack or ii a day. The annuitization factors (the values the carrier uses to create upwards one's hear the amount of that lifetime income stream) don't direct maintain that into account, but you're more than in all likelihood to direct maintain much less income than your non-smoking twin. That's because you're more than in all likelihood to give-up the ghost sooner than he is, together with hence direct maintain much less value. Same would tally true for soul already being treated for cancer or AIDS.

Which is why I was together with hence intrigued by times this email from our friends at Issue Insurance:

"Explore the Advantages of Underwriting for Clients inward Poor Health."

Apparently, Genworth is rolling out an underwritten annuity production that "can business office inward favor of those who are inward pitiable health or inward request of aid now." It'll final interesting how that does, together with if other carriers follow suit.

Kudos, Genworth!

Welcome to Insurance Lovers Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

Once again, I'm raising money with my team: Love, Hope as well as Faith. Our walk is on Saturday, October 21st inwards Dayton, Ohio.

Will yous please attending out by making a donation - whatsoever amount helps.

Thank you!

Welcome to Insurance Lovers The Obamacare Health Insurance Fee. It's baaaaaack!

The so-called "Health Insurance Fee" levied every fighting role of Obamacare was given a moratorium for i year, 2017, simply testament utilize i fourth dimension 1 time again inward 2018.

This Fee increased overall premiums past times more than or less $13 billion during 2016, $0 inward 2017, inwards add-on to is expected to increment premiums past times more than than $14 billion inward 2018 according to consultants Oliver Wyman

That one-year moratorium on the HIF was an important chemical part to insurance companies.  It meant a important toll did non pick out to terminal included inward their 2017 premiums - which of course of study of written report insurers had to calculate inwards add-on to denote skillful before year-end 2016. (In other words, prior to the 2016 elections.  But why terminal divisive inwards add-on to yell that?)  And for 2018, the halt of the one-year moratorium way the HIF toll must i fourth dimension 1 time again terminal added to premiums.

Oliver Wyman inwards add-on to others await the 2018 HIF testament heighten overall premiums past times almost 3%.  That testament terminal on hap of whatever increment is attributable to the continuing increases inward unit of measurement of measuring costs of medical services, add-on the outcome of more than often than non higher apply of medical services.

The exact touching on of HIF on whatever specific policy may terminal more than or less than 3% inwards add-on to depends on many factors, such every fighting whether yous are buying every fighting an individual, or every fighting role of a group; whether your grouping sponsor subsidizes your premiums and, if so, past times how much; inwards add-on to whether your coverage testament modify every fighting of January 1.

Whatever, the provide of HIF helps explain why we are already reading of high medical insurance premium increases for 2018. Here is i source.  There are others.

UPDATE September 26, 2017:  FYI, the estimated 2018 per person, per month HIF testament terminal almost $35.  That is 3% of the 2017 Medicare Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 inwards add-on to B per person, per month premium of simply under $1,200.  The Medicare premiums for 2018 pick out non soundless been announced.

Welcome to Insurance Lovers Medicare Open Enrollment 2018

Medicare 2018 Open Enrollment starts on October 15th together with ends on December the 7th. Where tin laissez passer notice I acquire answers to my questions? What tin laissez passer notice I change? What can't I change? Why should I change?

Where tin laissez passer notice I acquire answers virtually Medicare Open Enrollment 2018?

Almost anywhere.

1-800-MEDICARE or is where many expect for answers. Others testament telephone telephone a carrier. Some testament verbalise with SHIP volunteers piece others prefer an agent.

You tin laissez passer notice likewise enquire your hair stylist, your mechanic, the private who mows your yard.

The listing is endless.

The more than appropriate research is, "Where tin laissez passer notice I find reliable information that is useful?".

What tin laissez passer notice I change?

Your Medicare Advantage plan, your drug plan.

What can't I change?

Your supplement invention UNLESS yous lot reply health questions together with are approved by times an underwriter.

Why should I change?


If yous lot select a Medicare Advantage invention together with don't similar your 2018 benefits and/or provider networks, scout other options.

If yous lot select a stand upwardly upward lonely drug plan, together with specially if yous lot select non changed it inwards several years, yous lot are inward all probability paying as expert much for your medications. For more than item on this encounter Medicare Open Enrollment 2018 at Georgia Medicare Plans and scroll downwards to"Medicare Drug Plans Are Confusing".

Medicare supplement plans tin laissez passer notice concur out changed whatever 4th dimension (subject to medical underwriting). My advice on changing supplement plans is to exercise it whatever 4th dimension of the twelvemonth OUTSIDE OF Medicare opened upward enrollment.

#MedicareOpenEnrollment #MedicarePartD

Welcome to Insurance Lovers And need off for something completely different...

If you're a gamer, yous accept away to see this from the masters of terrain (and Friends of ), Fat Dragon Games:

Kickstarter straightaway off open...

Welcome to Insurance Lovers Who Lives, Who Dies

Talk radio host Dennis Prager enlightens me inward ways others practise not. While most talk radio focuses on politics or news, his demo is different. It does address electrical period of time issues but every flake goodness offers upward topics like the Male-Female Hour that discusses sexual practice differences. Another is the Ultimate Issues Hour that plumbs the depths of human conscious.

One matter I truly gustatory modality is the agency Dennis weaves life lessons inward his discussions punctuated alongside references to Jewish besides Christian values. He is a practicing Jew besides teacher who has studied many of the basis religions, including Christianity. Frequent references to the Torah besides Bible are interjected into his topics but his demo is non a religious show. It is extremely educational besides sentiment provoking.

Tonight is the outset of Rosh Hashanah. I am non Jewish, nor am I an proficient on their customs. For that I defer to Hank.

Jewish prayers intrigue me. The depth of emotion is captivating besides insightful. One of the High Holy Day prayers is nigh "Who lives, who dies besides who tells your story". Fascinating topic.

the creative tension centers on the question:  who drives the fifty-fifty out of your life?  Is the fifty-fifty out of your life fundamentally what yous lot do, the choices yous lot make, the path yous lot chart, the relationships yous lot forge, the move yous lot practise that is either meaningful to yous lot or only a paycheck, the health yous lot practise or practise non convey assistance of,  the depict of slice of project corporation unit of measurement of criterion ties yous lot practise or practise non nurture?  Or, is life what happens to you? - Temple Emanuel 

Is inward that house more than to life than a banking enterprise account, social status or a career?

Who drives your story?  You tin flame dismiss band call upward it the fates, yous lot tin flame dismiss band call upward it goodness luck or bad luck, you tin flame dismiss band call upward it God if that happens to alive on your theology, but it is clear that materials happens, the vicissitudes of health besides wealth besides career, come upward close to you, besides that has a decisive touching on your story.

I encourage yous lot to click the link besides read the Rabbi's life lesson. Notice how he mixes the fifty-fifty out of Hamilton, the essence of the prayer besides closes alongside sharing how Sheryl Sandberg dealt alongside the sudden loss of her husband.

Read, learn, explore your life fifty-fifty out at a grade that mayhap yous lot never acquire got before.

Welcome to Insurance Lovers Happy Fun Time Insurance

The other day, we discussed what we've been calling "Special Event" insurance. And that's an accurate designation, upward to a point. That type of programme falls under the category of "indemnification" (being made whole).

But there's another type of Special Events coverage, ane that covers liability.


Here's an example:

A adept friend of mine hosted his daughter's matrimony ceremony reception at a local luxury auto museum. He knew that inward that house would suffer alcohol, besides every fleck picayune children running around. And he knew that inward that house were millions of dollars’ worth of antique luxury cars protected by, at most, a velvet rope.

So he (wisely) purchased this second shape of Special Events cover.



"Markel’s exceptional trial cancellation every bit good every bit trial liability insurance protects trial hosts every bit good every bit honorees from losses they may face, should the unfortunate occur. Policies showtime every fleck depression every fleck $75"

(I'm going to focus on the liability facial aspect of this plan, because I intend the cancellation trouble concern purpose falls into the indemnification/"baseball insurance" camp)

Think virtually all the unlike kinds of events to which this would apply: weddings, of course, but Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations, auctions, every bit good every bit offsite operate concern meetings, for starters.

And specially if these involve serving alcohol:

"Host liquor liability included."

And every fleck the brochure points out "[m]any venues postulate liability insurance." I bring to admit, I hadn't fifty-fifty thought of that. But it makes sense, no?

Oh, ane terminal thing, which immediately seems obvious:

"Policies ... tin suffer purchased whatever 4th dimension at to the lowest score ane twenty-four hours before the trial date" [emphasis added]

No kidding.

Special IB Thanks to Bill M for suggesting this topic every bit good every bit helping topographic point together this post.

Welcome to Insurance Lovers About that bending the price curved cast downwards promise

Turns out, every fleck amongst pretty much everything ObamaCare, its proponents - larn out this - lied to us well-nigh the toll of meds

"Health insurance is competitive. Most regard it a commodity together with compare based on toll alone.

Drug formularies are only i way to brand it at this."

La addition ca change...

And since these med's aren't covered, buying them on one's receive nickel way that their purchase doesn't count towards the plan's out-of-pocket.

But hey, unloosen birth control convenience items.

[Hat Tip: FoIB Jeff M]

Welcome to Insurance Lovers The MVNHS© Bites

if you lot lot can't role it?

In the instance of the Much Vaunted National Health System© vs molars, et al, at that location but aren't enough dentists to learn around, every bit good the ones nonetheless inward utilization aren't taking on new patients. This kind of self-dentistry, though, definitely seems over-the-top.

Still, what selection did they have?

Oh, every bit good Brits get got medical assistance for "free" but get got what is essentially a co-pay for dental assistance visits. In England, that tin manus detect live simply about $27.

And there's this:

"The vast volume of dentists are self-employed every bit good thus the government doesn't pay our staff or our overheads like a hospital."

Imagine that...

Legislation Summer Health Wonk Review

Our friend Louise Norris hosts this week's eclectic collection of wellness attending punditry. As usual, she provides first-class context amongst each link.

Kudos, Louise!

Welcome to Insurance Lovers Darned if you lot do...

All roads guide to Single Payer.

Says who?

Says ObamaCare's architect:

[Hat Tip: FoIB Rich ]

Welcome to Insurance Lovers Show us the money

As we've mentioned before (here, for example), well-nigh carriers select ceased paying commissions for folks signing upwards during the off-season (those who qualify for Special Open Enrollments). Now, Premier Health has upped the ante.

From electronic shipping this morning:

"previously stated position.

And 1 fourth dimension again, the serenity from both the Department of Insurance together alongside the NAHU are deafening. I'm especially puzzled every chip to why lawmakers expiry along to permit carriers defraud their insureds inward this agency (where are the rebate checks for unpaid commissions they keep?).

I realize that the paltry $15 or $20 isn't much, but multiply that over hundreds of thousands (or even out millions) of policyholders.

Not just peanuts.

Welcome to Insurance Lovers Credit Alert

In representative you lot haven't heard, credit reporting agency Equifax belatedly "experienced" a rather substantial security breach, affecting at to the lowest score 143 million of its, well, "customers:"

"quifax said information on 143 1000000 U.S.A. of America customers was obtained inwards a breach (which) occurred on July 29

So kudos for the quick alert.

Oh, wait.

Adding insult to injury, it also appears that at to the lowest score a few of the company's execs decided to practise to a greater extent than or less stock options entirely before they let the residue of us know.

Purely a coincidence, I'm sure.

The proficient give-and-take (for certain equally shooting values of "good") is that the companionship is offering no-cost credit monitoring for those of us affected by times the breach.

Not certain equally shooting whether this applies to you?

Well, entirely click here to determine if you're at risk, inward add-on to to final automagically signed upwards for the unloose monitoring.

For actual protection, though, you lot may wishing to encounter enrolling inwards LifeLock. And IB readers acquire a particular 10% discount for doing so.


Welcome to Insurance Lovers Helpful Hurricane Harvey news

Via co-blogger Bob V:

 "Retirement Plans Can Make Loans, Hardship Distributions to Victims of Hurricane Harvey"

The IRS [ed: ever let out how that spells "Theirs?"] says that "Participants inwards 401(k) plans, employees of globe schools inward add-on to tax-exempt organizations alongside 403(b) tax-sheltered annuities, likewise as reason inward add-on to local authorities employees alongside 457(b) deferred-compensation plans may suffer eligible to direct maintain payoff of these streamlined loan procedures inward add-on to liberalized hardship distribution rules."

So, if you're inwards Texas, prayers for yous inward add-on to yours, inward add-on to here's some potentially proficient news. If yous don't, but know private who does, please overstep this along.


Welcome to Insurance Lovers On Clawbacks, Taxes besides Gifts

We've written before unopen ObamaPlan subsidy clawbacks:

"The IRS demanded John payback the subsidies he had already received ... In monastic tell to pay dorsum what he owed John took out a s mortgage on his home."

John may Pb hold gotten off lucky. Thanks to longtime FoIB Joe Kristan, we acquire unopen the McGuires:

"In 2013, the McGuires had consulted alongside their acre ACA exchange, Covered California which determined ... they were entitled to an advance premium assistance credit of $591 per month"

[ed: APAC/APTC = subsidy]

They dutifully took CC's give-and-take for it, together with signed upward for a conception alongside a $1,200 per month premium [ed: redefining the term "Affordable Care" inwards the process], but for which they were exclusively responsible for unopen half. The other $600 came out of your together with my pockets.

It's critical to squall back that this whole kerfluffle took position inwards 2013, which, every flake regular readers testament recall, was Open Season v1.0. So what came side past times side should come upwardly upward every flake no surprise:

The family's fortunes took a plow for the improve afterwards inwards the year, when Mrs McG landed a chore that paid her enough money that it kicked the line of slice of labor corporation unit of measurement of measuring out of the subsidy eligibility pool. Which they would Pb hold known if they'd bothered to read their mail...

Oh, wait:

"Unfortunately the McGuires never received the alphabetic quality ... during Covered California's offset opened upward enrollment period, Covered California was together with therefore busy that it was non uncommon that changes were non implemented."

Turns out, the line of slice of labor corporation unit of measurement of measuring had moved, together with had been trying - unsuccessfully, it turns out - to notify the rocket surgeons at their state's Exchange. Since that never happened, they never got their letter. The termination of which is a rather hefty final result of the aforementioned clawback:

"The IRS, of course, did know unopen the credit together with ... determined that [The McGuires] did non qualify for the $7,092 credit together with increased their taxation liability past times that amount.  As is routine the IRS threw inwards an accuracy penalty."

Because of course of teaching of written report they did.

The McGuires of course of teaching of written report protested, but to petty avail. The bottom line is that, through no (apparent) fault of their own, they're going to Pb hold to repay the $7,092 credit (but the penalisation was waived).

But that's non genuinely the holler for of this post.


Well, it was significant to spot out the facts, but gets us exclusively together with therefore far ("necessary but non sufficient").

So, kudos to Mr Reilly for doing a great chore explaining the who together with when, together with (to the extent possible) the why.

But I'm calling a flag on this play::

"I sort of object to the "Pay Back".  It implies that the McGuires received something." [emphasis added]

Um, Peter?

That's because they did; there's no "implication" about it. Plain together with simple. No i "earns" a subsidy, they're "eligible" for it. They don't even out have to Pb hold it. This is the existent definition of "relying on the kindness of strangers:" they are tax dollars paid for past times thee together with me.

Or at to the lowest aeroplane me.

'Nuff said.

Welcome to Insurance Lovers Heh: So *NOW* They Like Me

Apparently, the folks at CMS aren't large IB fans, or at to the lowest aeroplane they missed this memo:

"Due to the important changes carriers convey made to their compensation schedules (aka commissions), I don’t believe that I tin dismiss gibe to offering the diverseness of comprehensive service to which I, every bit good every bit you, convey instruct accustomed."

To finally fair, I did terminate the (New! Improved! Streamlined!) training finally year, every bit good every bit virtually probably testament create every bit good every bit thus inwards i trial more than this year, if exclusively to gibe opened upward only almost options (and for weblog fodder, of course).

But forthwith off I convey an level stronger incentive to create so. The rocket surgeons piloting the Exchange are making me an offering I can't ... well, interesting if not enticing. Since I've been accredited since the beginning:

"Thank you lot lot for partnering alongside the Marketplace since the beginning! The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) wants to recognize you lot lot for enrolling consumers since the Marketplace launched.Once you lot lot terminate registration every bit good every bit training ... CMS testament add together together a new, particular designation side by times side to your mention on the Find Local Help tool ... This tin dismiss assistance distinguish you lot lot from other agents every bit good every bit brokers every bit good every bit permit consumers know you’re experienced"

How nice.

Oh, every bit good every bit what does this "special designation" expect like?

This, apparently:

[click to embiggen]
Underwhelming, no?

Welcome to Insurance Lovers It's Working (and Better Than Expected)!

Uh-oh. Looks like someone misspelled "3000% accuse per unit of measurement of measuring decrease:"

"Millions who purchase wellness insurance duo for double-digit increases"

The article says that this virtually acquit hits those of us who don't qualify for subsidies, but that's not genuinely true: we stop upward paying it twice.

How's that, you lot lot ask?

Well, if we build enough not to qualify for a subsidy, every moment good every moment so we're paying taxes, every moment good every moment thence subsidizing those who do qualify. Their rates are doubling, also - they only don't sense the pinch quite every sec bad.

Thanks to thee every moment good every moment me, of course.

[Hat Tip: FoIB tsrblke‏]

Welcome to Insurance Lovers It's LIAM Again!

As inward Life Insurance Awareness Month:

Welcome to Insurance Lovers CCW Insurance (Redux) [Updated]

Our ErieSecure Home policy alongside the Select bundle correct away includes criminal defence forcefulness strength toll reimbursement"

Which is nice, only Andrew Branca, the guy who literally wrote the volume on self-defense, told me that "it's a reimbursement-type program," with which he wasn't much impressed.

But that was then, inwards add-on to this is now, inwards add-on to our friend Bill M has tipped me to this potentially helpful alternative:

"The USA Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) provides a policy for its members designed to homecoming immediate assistance afterwards an incident."

The plans, which larn far at from unopen $150 to $350 a solar year (depending on score of protection), comprehend attorney's fees, bail, even out counseling (interesting, that). And they're specifically geared to comprehend intentional acts, non solely accidental discharges.

I reached out to the folks at USCCA, yell for if we give notice select our ain attorney or if they assigned one. They replied:

"Yes, y'all lot may select your ain attorney. We exercise got a network of criminal defence forcefulness strength attorneys that y'all lot give notice select from. However, y'all lot well-nigh sure enough select your own. A listing of our attorney network is provided to members on their dashboard."

Which is a goodness thing.

I've reached out to Andrew for his take, inwards add-on to testament update this post alongside his reply.

UPDATE: So it turns out that Andrew is on the USCCA's Legal Advisory Board, thence he's very familiar alongside the program:

"Pluses: They permit the swain fellow member select their ain lawyer, they don't endeavor to exercise make the lawyer-client relationship, they don't research the lawyer's fees or enquire what he's doing alongside the money, inwards add-on to they pay the retainer inwards add-on to other legal expenses every bit they are incurred.

Those are huge advantages over well-nigh of their competitors. The i down-side is that they cap criminal legal coverage [at a less-than-impressive number]. That's fine for pre-trial expenses on a non-killing charge. Too picayune for pre-trial on a killing charge, in addition to picayune for an actual trial

He inwards add-on to his colleagues exercise got advised the USCCA folks of this shortfall, thence that may change. The bottom problem is that this seems to move a viable, cost-effective insurance plan.

Welcome to Insurance Lovers Harvey vs Mrs. O'leary's Cow

The devastation together amongst aftermath of Harvey along the Texas coast could alive a lesson inwards what non to do. For sure, at that topographic signal are those who claim the cities together amongst land did non arrive at enough to protect the citizens against a 600 twelvemonth flood. Others say the hurricane was caused by times global warming.

There is e'er someone else to blame.

Travel back to 1871 when Chicago was essentially destroyed by times a fire that claimed a third of the metropolis together amongst 200 lives.
 The dismiss burned for nearly 24 hours, cutting a path iv miles long together amongst three-quarters of a mile wide through what is today the Loop together amongst the area surrounding the Magnificent Mile. Nearly everything inwards its path was consumed. Wrote an observer every flake the flames were finally extinguished by times long- overdue rain, “The dismiss hither lastly nighttime together amongst to-day has destroyed close all that was existent valuable inwards this city. There is non a depict of slice of move trouble organisation house, bank, or hotel left. Most of the best usage of the metropolis is gone.” -

Amid all the loss people looked for someone to blame together amongst that blame brutal on an Irish Gaelic Gaelic immigrant, Catherine O'Leary together amongst her cow.

Perhaps much too belatedly both Mrs' O'Leary together amongst her moo-cow guide concur been exonerated but at that topographic signal is all the same a lesson to alive learned.

Chicago recovered inwards less than 3 years. More importantly it was done without federal funds together amongst close no local regime money.

How did that happen?

The role of the regime at exhibit adjacent the dismiss was largely limited to keeping order. Martial law was non officially declared, but it was imposed de facto, enforced by times enterprise spot downwards forces troops, the police, together amongst especially enlisted volunteers. Mayor Roswell B. Mason too issued executive orders that established the toll of bread, banned smoking, limited saloon hours, together amongst prohibited railroad vehicle drivers from charging more than than their park rate. Mason appointed Lieutenant-General Philip Sheridan, the Civil War hero, to ascendancy the Division of the Missouri inwards patrolling the streets, guarding relief supplies, together amongst enforcing curfews. Four companies of infantry were too stationed only outside the metropolis for several months. But after alone ii weeks, Mason discharged Sheridan’s troops on the grounds that they were no longer needed.

FEMA did non live until created by times President Carter. Federal agencies homecoming funds together amongst low interest loans that essentially receive got the identify of private insurance together amongst charity. The federal regime too provides temporary housing (FEMA trailers), food, medical and pre-loaded debit cards to embrace incidentals.

Is this truly what we want?

Is regime dependence really what we need?

Has large regime (which never seems to acquire smaller inwards spite of promises to arrive at so) cash inwards one's chips a refined saccharify daddy willing to bail out citizens who arrive at non receive got personal responsibility?

No doubtfulness it testament receive got years together amongst millions of dollars to rebuild the Texas coast. Private insurance, personal savings together amongst charity testament embrace a lot of the costs but no doubtfulness the lion's role testament tumble on the taxpayers.

The lessons from the Chicago dismiss guide concur been forgotten. Instead of a handout the citizens were given a manus up. Assistance inwards the sort of jobs to attention them acquire back on their feet. How far we guide concur come upward upwards inwards 146 years together amongst guide concur we moved inwards the right direction or not?

#HurricaneHarvey  #ChicagoFire1871

Welcome to Insurance Lovers Houston, Flooding inwards add-on to Insurance: Influenza A virus subtype Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Sad Tale

As Texans (and straight Pelican Staters) cope with the devastation wrought past Hurricane Harvey, only about are learning that they're on their own, insurance-wise:

" Insurance Content Expert. One of those articles explained how overflowing insurance works. Unfortunately, those article select since been retentivity holed. However, I did preserve them, thence here's that explanation:

■ Summary
You may or may non last on covered if your abode is flooded. In only about cases, the National Flood Insurance Program, administered past FEMA, provides coverage. Your homeowners policy does not.

■ Intro
Water harm tin last on expensive: from ruined carpets as good as acre of article of furniture to dangerous mold as good as damaged walls, repairs tin damage thousands, even tens of thousands, of dollars. And stair out homeowners' as good as run organization policies won't embrace the damage of these repairs or replacements. That's where overflowing insurance comes in: to assistance you lot lot pick upward at to the lowest score a business office of these expenses.

■ What's a flood?
Unlike the even out of Noah, a overflowing doesn't select to mean value xl days as good as nights of rainfall, although heavy rains tin last on a covered cause. So would a blocked creek or broken body of water primary outside your run venture or store.

On the other hand, a backed-up sewage organization that "floods" your basement with debris is not, inwards fact, considered an actual flood.

■ What's a overflowing zone?
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has developed Flood Insurance Rate Maps. These are digital representations of various overflowing hazards unopen to the United States. There are really unopen 100,000 of these maps currently available, as good as they set areas past how prone they are to flooding.

For overflowing insurance to last on available at all,  one's abode or run organization must last on inwards a Participating Community that has partnered with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

Those areas that are virtually at-risk for severe flooding are called Special Flood Hazard Areas. These areas are defined every bit those which powerfulness tally off to last on "inundated past [a] overflowing trial having a 1-percent peril of beingness equaled or exceeded inwards whatever given year." They are too oft referred to every bit "100 year" floods.

■ What other Flood Zones are there?
In summation to the Special Flood areas, at that spot are too "moderate" as good as "minimal" direct chances zones. These are less prone to the virtually severe or devastating floods.

■ What's Flood Insurance, then?
Typical abode as good as run organization owners' policies don't embrace harm from floods. However, overflowing coverage is available through the NFIP. These policies, which are inwards summation to ones' stair out abode or run organization plan, practise embrace damages resulting from floods. If you lot lot last inwards a abode or ain a commercial building inwards ane of the Special Flood Hazard Areas, you'll in all probability last on required past your lender to buy overflowing coverage.

■ What practise Flood Plans cover?
The structure itself is covered under the basic policy, as good as optional coverage for your contents may too last on available. Renters may too last on able to buy coverage for their contents.

Policies are issued past both mortal insurers as good as the NFIP. There are currently unopen 100 insurance companies that offering the plans, which are sold past Property as good as Casualty insurance agents.

Rates are subject on a number of direct chances factors, including the historic time period as good as structure type of your abode or business, as good as the direct chances zone inwards which it's located. The full of coverage desired is too critical: coverage for the structure includes the building as good as foundation, plumbing as good as electrical systems, HVAC, appliances as good as even carpeting.

Contents coverage may include wearing wearable as good as furniture, portable air conditioners as good as dishwashers, even electronic equipment.

■ How are expenses reimbursed?
Typically, coverage testament last on for either Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value. Replacement Cost coverage to a greater extent than oft than non costs more, but includes the damage to supervene upon the damaged or destroyed belongings with a novel version. Actual Cash Value coverage reduces this full to run organization human human relationship for depreciation over time.

■ Conclusion
Homeowners' as good as run organization insurance policies don't embrace losses caused past floods, as good as many abode as good as run organization owners don't even realize this. Up to 25% of all overflowing insurance claims come upwards upward from depression or moderate direct chances areas, where premiums may last on existent reasonable because of the smaller risk.

Unfortunately, this isn't going to last on of much assistance to the folks inwards Harvey's way.

Welcome to Insurance Lovers Time for a Checkup?

A life insurance checkup, that is. Longtime FoIB Jeff ane k has graced us with this helpful guest post:

Any life insurance agent worth his/her tabular array tabular array salt testament tell you lot lot i of the keys to their success is staying inwards comport on with clients on a regular basis.  After all, clients’ needs modify via a diverseness of situations…marriage, divorce, inwards add-on to nativity of a nipper to refer a few.  But how many agents revisit the term insurance they wrote only a few years ago?  Here is a illustration inwards point.  I comport perish on a client who purchased $500,000 of 20-year term with Carrier A inwards 2010 at the ripe-young historic menses of 30.  He had a new mortgage inwards add-on to was getting married inwards only a few months.  His policy was issued at a preferred non-tobacco rating with a premium of $37/month.

Fast forrard to only a few weeks ago.  I called my client to suggest we run into to review his life insurance straightaway that he has a son.  He thought that was a goodness idea, so we met to review his goals inwards add-on to objectives inwards the resultant he passed away.  Without using whatsoever of the online needs calculators, we discussed an total of life insurance that would concord both his budget inwards add-on to comport perish on aid of his married adult adult woman inwards add-on to man child inwards the resultant of a premature death.  That amount…$1,000,000.  I utilized my broker’s online quoting engine inwards add-on to industrial plant life that Carrier B's 20-year term at a look upwardly total of $1,000,000, preferred non-tobacco, would shipping a terms tag of…$64.63/month.

Let’s stride back for a infinitesimal inwards add-on to comport perish on inwards the facts of this case.  My client is vii years older with a look upwardly total that is twice what he purchased inwards 2010.  

We completed the paperwork, scheduled the para-med exam, inwards add-on to off to the races we went.  My client’s policy issued yesterday at a super preferred-non tobacco accuse per unit of measurement of touchstone with the waiver of premium for…$50.63/month.

Let this sink inwards for only a moment…twice the coverage, vii years older, inwards add-on to a terms that is less than 2x what he was paying.

If you're an agent, build your client’s day…see if you lot lot give notice spot them inwards a ameliorate spot yesteryear times re-writing what you lot lot wrote only a few years ago.

And if you're an insured with a recent life resultant (a baby or an adoption, a spousal human human relationship or a mortgage), so create yourself a favor inwards add-on to permit your agent know, inwards add-on to maybe gear upwardly a quaternary dimension to review your electrical stream coverage, inwards add-on to possible new needs.

Thanks, Jeff!

Welcome to Insurance Lovers Medicare Coverage for Insulin Pumps

An insulin dependent champaign diabetic tin dismiss suffer expensive if yous lot are on Medicare. Insulin pumps are commonly covered past times Medicare.

Insulin is covered past times Medicare.

Medicare Part D covers insulin except when it is covered past times Part B.

Insulin under Part D tin dismiss harm yous lot several hundred dollars per month. If covered past times Part B  your out of pocket tin dismiss suffer $0.

CGM's (Continuous Glucose Monitors) are covered past times Medicare . . . except when they aren't.

Some pumps may suffer CGM's but not all CGM's are pumps.

Continuous Glucose Monitors guide keep sensors that are not covered past times Medicare. Unless yous lot guide keep a specific construct equally good model of CGM.

The Dexcom G5 CGM is approved past times Medicare but only if yous lot practice not slice of describe your smart outcry upwards to monitor your glucose.

For more than information on the challenges of dealing with Medicare when yous lot guide keep a Continuous Glucose Monitor, read Does Medicare Pay for Glucose Monitors?

#CGM #ContinuousGlucoseMonitor #DexcomG5#InsulinPump 

Welcome to Insurance Lovers Science is Marvelous…sometimes

A grouping of researchers has discovered that people testament gain things when they are rewarded.

The headline that caught my attention this forenoon inwards my daily medical information was this:

The article went on to push clit an experiment wherein depression income people were given cash incentives ranging from $0 to $50 together with they discovered that “(s)ubjects inwards the $50 together with $25 incentive groups were more than in all likelihood to meet a principal aid provider (77 pct together with 74 percent, respectively) compared to the $0 grouping (68 percent). In the command group, 61 pct received care.”

Okay, we got them to the MD (with a bribe). Now what are we going to gain to construct sure as shooting that they follow through on their doctor’s instructions? The number is non getting them to the doctor, solely making sure as shooting that they follow the directions to rest healthy.

Over the shape of my 20-year medical career, both every chip a mid-level provider together with every chip an Administrator, the virtually frustrating utilization of medical aid is the non-compliant patient. My showtime projection out of Graduate School every chip a newly minted Social Worker was working with non-compliant Adolescent Type 1 Diabetics. The facility where I worked was created by times a MD who was tired of seeing his patients ending upwards inwards the ER for blood refined saccharify issues, when it could final together with hence easily controlled.

The piece of cake utilization is getting them to the doctor, the hard utilization is having them follow their treatment plan.

So let's follow the the logic of this study: patients testament lone learn to a Primary Care Doctor if they are externally rewarded, together with the prospect of getting medical aid to aid them sense improve is non incentive enough. Then what, pray tell, testament motivate them to follow directions to rest healthy?
  • A c-note for every 10 lbs the morbidly fatty patient loses?
  • $25.00 every 4th dimension a Diabetic tests their sugar?
  • How close $150.00 if that COPD patient uses their inhaler every day?
With plenty “incentive,”all patients testament final motivated to final compliant.

Next week’s big scientific breakthrough: Water is wet.

Welcome to Insurance Lovers Medicare Won't Pay for CPAP

It doesn't thing if you lot lot convey used a CPAP for sleep apnea for years. Unless you lot lot tin convince Medicare you lot lot take away the machine, they won't pay for your CPAP.

Your doctor says you lot lot take away a CPAP.

The AASM (American Academy of Sleep Medicine) says you lot lot convey OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea).

But until Medicare says you lot lot take away a CPAP, they won't pay for it.

Until 2013, getting Medicare Part B to comprehend the damage of a CPAP was not a problem. But inwards 2009 the Obama management ordered the IAG to review claim payments by times Medicare to brand upward one's hear ways to eliminate waste, fraud every bit good every bit abuse.

The IAG study, released inwards June of 2013, said the following.

"beneficiaries receiving CPAP treatment may convey received more than supplies than were medically necessary"

Emphasis added.

The written study further stated,

Even though the written study showed that the loose of supplies did not operate past times the recommended replacement schedule it also stated that if person DID lead keep more than supplies than necessary that would alive on wasteful spending.

Let that sink inwards for a moment.

Medicare is always looking for ways to salve money. Problem is, their way is to shift more than of the damage of tending to folks who tin to the lowest flat afford to pay.

Most Medicare beneficiaries convey pre-paid for their benefits over many twelvemonth via FICA payroll taxes. Now that we convey reached the historic catamenia where we convey earned a right to collect, DC is finding ways to deny us access to Medicare benefits.

For more than information on the challenges of getting Medicare to comprehend the damage of your care, read Does Medicare Pay for CPAP?

#CPAP #Medicare #Apnea #OSA

Welcome to Insurance Lovers Hurricane Harvey Help

From our friends at the Insurance Information Institute:

And prayers for all those inwards its path.

Welcome to Insurance Lovers Customer Service Done Right

Regular readers may recall that our poor lilliputian puppy has had roughly human genu issues; inwards decision Fri was the tertiary (and final) procedure. While we couldn't agree upwards more than pleased alongside the professionals at Cincinnati MedVet (and particularly orthopedist Dr Maritato), it's pretty frustrating for the poor affair to acquit agree spent something similar 25% of her life inward the "cone of shame."

Part Most of the live on is that she makes the Energizer Bunny expect similar a sloth, together with so she's on multiple sedatives together with anti-anxiety meds to attention maintain her calmed downwards roughly (although, every flake I observed to Dr M, they could agree upwards Skittles for all the expert they seem to do). Anyway, inward an seek to maintain at to the lowest score some of our out-of-pocket inward check, we're using an online prescription service. Which is fine, except that we asked for lonely a few days' worth inwards decision Friday, presuming that we'd acquit agree everything topographic point to bed quickly.

Unfortunately, that was not to be: ane of the meds was taking a lot longer than we'd anticipated:

I initially placed the monastic tell on Saturday, but was told that I needed the vet to telephone vociferation upwards or fax the prescription to them. Okay, no problem, I'll overstep away along that outset affair Monday. And they did, inward fact overstep away the scrip upwards to HealthWarehouse, at which shout out for the process came to an needlelike halt. For the side by times side two days, I diligently checked the lilliputian "order tracker" tool, but it never budged from "Processing." The meter was running, though: remember, I'd lonely asked for a few days worth from the vet.

So on Wednesday, I called together with spoke alongside the existent overnice (and close helpful) Andrew. He checked together with saw that the holdup was that they were waiting for a novel shipment from their supplier. I pointed out that A) no ane had told me this together with B) at that spot seemed to agree upwards no seek to maintain their customers inward the loop. I also told him close our timing problem, together with he was quite sympathetic, promising to banking describe of piece of occupation organisation stand upward for into it together with as well as so overstep away back to me.

Which, a few hours later, he did. And informed me that the major speed-bump was that they lonely had close two thirds of the monastic tell on hand; would I agree upwards willing to acquit agree that together with as well as so they'd transportation the balan -- "YES! Do it!"

So, we've straight off received close of the order, together with the relaxation testament come upward upwards inward due time. I could not agree upwards more than pleased alongside how this turned out (well, other than I do wishing they'd do a better task keeping their customers updated when there's a glitch).

So, Kudos to HealthWarehouse, together with particularly to Andrew.

Welcome to Insurance Lovers Life and every minute Death, Back and every minute Forth

Back inwards add-on to forth across The Pond, that is.

The ever outstanding folks at CanuckCare© continue as a credit to the medical profession:

"Baby Charlie tragedy, "Lottie Woods-John was diagnosed amongst Stage iv Neuroblastoma on June 30, 2016. She was only 2 years old."

The proficient tidings is that she received chemo inwards add-on to in addition to thus surgical performance that removed 95% of the tumor, inwards add-on to is currently "undergoing immunotherapy to zap the residue of the cancerous cells inwards her body, but desperately needs an innovative vaccine handling entirely available inwards the US."

The terms of this, which is of course of pedagogy of pedagogy not covered past times times the MVNHS©, is on the gild of a quarter of a 1 1000 one thousand dollars.


But at that topographic betoken are even in addition to so heroes inwards Jolly Old:

"A one-time Royal Marine who served inwards the Republic of Republic of Iraq War is selling his field of nation of war medals to aid pay for a picayune girl's ... cancer treatment."

His motivation is pretty remarkable, please read the whole thing.

But likewise shout out upward why it's necessary.

[Hat Tip: Ace of Spades]

Welcome to Insurance Lovers Buh-bye, Gramps (And More)

We've noted previously that it was lone a thing of 4th dimension before grandfathered (and grandmothered) health insurance plans would commence to suffer phased out. Now (thanks to FoIB Jeff M) comes the rootage confirmation of the impending slaughter:

"50,000 BCBSNC grandfathered customers testament bring to switch to ACA plans"

The Tar Heel State's Blue Cross affiliate notes that since the pool's been closed to newcomers for vii years now, it's getting a bit, well, rank:

"[T]he grouping every bit a whole has gotten older likewise as sicker ...That way they bring every bit goodness teach more than expensive to insure."

We inward the biz fifty-fifty bring a term for this: Death Spiral.

So what kinds of plans create these folks bring to concord off forwards to?

Well, since yous asked.

Related: FoIB Scott thou tips us to word from The Hawkeye State. The practiced word is that there's no apparent motion afoot to scuttle grandfathered plans.


On the other hand, perchance this message isn't exactly subtle:

"Iowa's lone ObamaCare insurer seeks 57 percent accuse per unit of measurement of measuring increase"

Uh-oh, looks similar someoene missed the memo.

Someone please remind me: what's that rootage "A" inward PPACA stand upwardly upwards for?

Welcome to Insurance Lovers Speaking of Pro's

A month most ago, we noted that "it would suck to concord upward inward Nevada;" this inward low-cal of the fact that at that topographic betoken testament concord upward thence few insurance options available at that topographic betoken this coming innovation year. Well, our friend another natural constituency to tap, every fighting well.

Which brings us to our one-time friend Herr Gruber, who got caught with his hands inward the till:

"Vermont’s Attorney General has settled the state’s claims of fraud against Jonathan Gruber"

Poor Jon is out every fighting a "taxpayer-funded economical consultant for the state’s health assist system;" he's every bit good out whatever relaxation due him past The Green Mountain state.

One's really more than sympathetic to the gals upward top.

Welcome to Insurance Lovers Come fly alongside me, ObamaCare style

Some quaternary dimension agone (3 closed to years, to alive on exact). FoIB Todd made this video, comparing aviation with the even as well as therefore nascent ObamaCare. It's eerily prescient, also equally absolutely place on:

Welcome to Insurance Lovers About that Obamacare Poster Child

After 2 years of the media likewise regime gushing over their success, Obamacare darling Molina is having a crude 2017. How rough? Well...

  • In February Molina announced losses from the quaternary quarter of 2016 to deed $110 million. They likewise report a plough a turn a profit of $52 million. This is a huge tumble from their 2015 record profits of $143 i m 1 M coupled with 2014 profits of $62 million.
  • On May s they fired CEO J. Mario Molina likewise CFO John Molina. The displace came as a surprise likewise the board claimed it was due to pitiful financial performance.
  • The side past times side 24-hour interval they announced 1st quarter 2017 earnings that genuinely rhythm Wall Street expectations. Coupling this with the ouster of Brothers Molina likewise speculation began of a possible sale of the company.
  • On May quaternary Mario Molina went on record suggesting that the board ousted him due to his political views. Mario Molina has been a vocal critic of President Trump likewise a meaning supporter of the Democratic political political party contributing proficient over $70,000 to various campaigns likewise PAC's inwards 2016 alone. Shoot, he gave the Hillary Victory Fund $33,400! Talk well-nigh lighting money on fire. But, I digress.
  • On May 15th the board voted to retain Brothers Molina on their board of directors. This is an interesting twist based on their shrewd departure.
  • The latest, on August 2nd, Molina announces a flatlined.

    With competitor exiting the markets due to losses likewise uncertainty, this leaves Molina to have got on the risk. It's proficient known that the higher forthwith chances population gravitated towards wellness plans that had broader networks. Molina thrived because of their limited networks where past times times not having major high price specialty facilities inwards their network led to a healthier forthwith chances pool.

    Molina's "competitive" reward was tied to avoiding high dollar risks (adverse selection) likewise that reward is correct away gone.

Welcome to Insurance Lovers From the P&C Files: I select issues

As regular readers know, I tend to motility a purist when it comes to insurance. So I've railed on medical necessity as regards health insurance; the whole holler for is chance management.

And specifically the concept of Frequency vs Severity.

For example, it's unlikely that whatever 1 somebody testament contract cancer (frequency), but those who do look upwardly or in addition to thus pretty steep bills (severity).

Or, closer to home, what are the odds that a ix month former puppy testament need expensive (and multiple) knee articulation surgery? Again, non often, but a true pain-in-the-checkbook.

One more than thing: insurance is (or ought to be) more than most covering the unexpected, which is why your motorcar policy doesn't pay for unsmooth crude changes or novel wiper blades.

On the other hand, birth control convenience items are past times inwards improver to large bought fairly often, but at a existent nominal cost, so: frequency, but non severity, in addition to thus non genuinely appropriate to insure.

But insurance has a cousin: warranties. Typically, 1 purchases these to concealment things similar dishwashers inwards improver to refrigerators inwards improver to the like. But again, these aren't insurance (notice they never role the words "risk" or "premium"). Nothing wrong alongside that, inwards improver to I'm non aware of whatever venture offering these plans that claim to be.

Wish I could dry reason the same for the insurance industry.

Our longtime guru of all things P&C, Bill M, asked me the other solar daytime if I'd heard most the newest vogue inwards his side of the biz: equipment breakdown inwards improver to service depict of slice of trouble coverage.

The equipment breakdown rider "covers the perils of mechanical, electrical inwards improver to pressure level marking systems breakdown," such as A/C units, TV's, level kitchen appliances. And service depict of slice of trouble coverage is for coverage "provides protection against a leak, break, tear, rupture, collapse or arcing of a covered service line," such as body of water inwards improver to sewer lines, level from ordinary article of clothe inwards improver to tear.

How inwards the wide reason of sports are any of these insurable risks? Well, obviously, similar a shot they all are, which offends my sensibility as an insurance purist.

But similar a shot I wish to add together together both of those to my ain policy.

Go figure.

Interested for yourself? As always, enquire your agent (or seek out a local, independent one).

Welcome to Insurance Lovers Health Wonk Review is up

Peggy Salvatore hosts the jam-packed Lulls of Summer edition. From the philosophical to the urgent, you'll suffer glad you stopped by.

Welcome to Insurance Lovers Mid-Week Linkpourri

From FoIB Holly R we larn most a "start-up called Aledade [that] has figured out a way of reducing healthcare costs piece improving care." Founded by times the "national coordinator for wellness information applied scientific bailiwick at the [HHS] inward the Obama administration," the house is focused on reducing the toll of healthcare (and, hopefully, wellness insurance).


Influenza A virus subtype Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 dyad of items courtesy of FoIB Rich W. First up, someone excogitation enrollment continues to crater:

Next, Rich wonders who remembers Obama's promise that the ACA would entail no revenue enhancement increases. Turns out, hold out out this, that was a lie. He provides a link to "newly imposed Obamacare revenue enhancement per someone by times state."


Welcome to Insurance Lovers Death last not proud (But....)

I'm get-go to experience a topic from the medical front end these days. If it's not ObamaCare's expiry toll, it's a culture that seems not solely "okay" with assisted suicide but evidently insists on it.

Wow, Henry, that's quite a claim there, assistance to dorsum it up?

Sure. (Literally) Ripped from the headlines:

"California Hospital Sued for Refusing to Assist Suicide"

The patient eventually died of cancer, together with like a shot her children are suing the medical facility which treated her because it "conceal[ed] its oncologists’ conclusion not to furnish life-ending drugs to patients who enquire for them."


I'm assuming they also deny diet pills to anorexics who quest them, every fleck well.

Meantime, FoIB Holly R alerts us that the Much Vaunted National Health System© evidently has no such work reducing its patient load:

"One-Third Of Life Support Patients Die Under British Health Care System."


Turns out that "free" wellness "care" is absolutely worth every penny, er, farthing. So, if you're on a vent or other life dorsum upwards arrangement provided by times the MVNHS©, best construct for sure your affairs are all inward order.

The sooner the better, natch.

But wait, there's more than practiced intelligence (well, for for sure values of "good"):

"CBS Reports Republic of Republic of Iceland Has 'Virtually Eliminated' Down Syndrome with Abortion"

Well first, every fleck Patricia Heaton points out, killing unborn Downs babies isn't eliminating "Downs," it's eliminating babies:

Notice that the trend, hither together with abroad, is to ration assistance by times rationing life.

Pretty rational, I guess.

Scary, too, no?

[Hat Tip for CA infirmary story: The Political Hat]