Welcome to Insurance Lovers Death last not proud (But....)

I'm get-go to experience a topic from the medical front end these days. If it's not ObamaCare's expiry toll, it's a culture that seems not solely "okay" with assisted suicide but evidently insists on it.

Wow, Henry, that's quite a claim there, assistance to dorsum it up?

Sure. (Literally) Ripped from the headlines:

"California Hospital Sued for Refusing to Assist Suicide"

The patient eventually died of cancer, together with like a shot her children are suing the medical facility which treated her because it "conceal[ed] its oncologists’ conclusion not to furnish life-ending drugs to patients who enquire for them."


I'm assuming they also deny diet pills to anorexics who quest them, every fleck well.

Meantime, FoIB Holly R alerts us that the Much Vaunted National Health System© evidently has no such work reducing its patient load:

"One-Third Of Life Support Patients Die Under British Health Care System."


Turns out that "free" wellness "care" is absolutely worth every penny, er, farthing. So, if you're on a vent or other life dorsum upwards arrangement provided by times the MVNHS©, best construct for sure your affairs are all inward order.

The sooner the better, natch.

But wait, there's more than practiced intelligence (well, for for sure values of "good"):

"CBS Reports Republic of Republic of Iceland Has 'Virtually Eliminated' Down Syndrome with Abortion"

Well first, every fleck Patricia Heaton points out, killing unborn Downs babies isn't eliminating "Downs," it's eliminating babies:

Notice that the trend, hither together with abroad, is to ration assistance by times rationing life.

Pretty rational, I guess.

Scary, too, no?

[Hat Tip for CA infirmary story: The Political Hat]