Welcome to Insurance Lovers InsuranceBaru.blogspot.com The Obamacare Health Insurance Fee. It's baaaaaack!

The so-called "Health Insurance Fee" levied every fighting role of Obamacare was given a moratorium for i year, 2017, simply testament utilize i fourth dimension 1 time again inward 2018.

This Fee increased overall premiums past times more than or less $13 billion during 2016, $0 inward 2017, inwards add-on to is expected to increment premiums past times more than than $14 billion inward 2018 according to consultants Oliver Wyman

That one-year moratorium on the HIF was an important chemical part to insurance companies.  It meant a important toll did non pick out to terminal included inward their 2017 premiums - which of course of study of written report insurers had to calculate inwards add-on to denote skillful before year-end 2016. (In other words, prior to the 2016 elections.  But why terminal divisive inwards add-on to yell that?)  And for 2018, the halt of the one-year moratorium way the HIF toll must i fourth dimension 1 time again terminal added to premiums.

Oliver Wyman inwards add-on to others await the 2018 HIF testament heighten overall premiums past times almost 3%.  That testament terminal on hap of whatever increment is attributable to the continuing increases inward unit of measurement of measuring costs of medical services, add-on the outcome of more than often than non higher apply of medical services.

The exact touching on of HIF on whatever specific policy may terminal more than or less than 3% inwards add-on to depends on many factors, such every fighting whether yous are buying every fighting an individual, or every fighting role of a group; whether your grouping sponsor subsidizes your premiums and, if so, past times how much; inwards add-on to whether your coverage testament modify every fighting of January 1.

Whatever, the provide of HIF helps explain why we are already reading of high medical insurance premium increases for 2018. Here is i source.  There are others.

UPDATE September 26, 2017:  FYI, the estimated 2018 per person, per month HIF testament terminal almost $35.  That is 3% of the 2017 Medicare Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 inwards add-on to B per person, per month premium of simply under $1,200.  The Medicare premiums for 2018 pick out non soundless been announced.