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The other day, we discussed what we've been calling "Special Event" insurance. And that's an accurate designation, upward to a point. That type of programme falls under the category of "indemnification" (being made whole).

But there's another type of Special Events coverage, ane that covers liability.


Here's an example:

A adept friend of mine hosted his daughter's matrimony ceremony reception at a local luxury auto museum. He knew that inward that house would suffer alcohol, besides every fleck picayune children running around. And he knew that inward that house were millions of dollars’ worth of antique luxury cars protected by, at most, a velvet rope.

So he (wisely) purchased this second shape of Special Events cover.



"Markel’s exceptional trial cancellation every bit good every bit trial liability insurance protects trial hosts every bit good every bit honorees from losses they may face, should the unfortunate occur. Policies showtime every fleck depression every fleck $75"

(I'm going to focus on the liability facial aspect of this plan, because I intend the cancellation trouble concern purpose falls into the indemnification/"baseball insurance" camp)

Think virtually all the unlike kinds of events to which this would apply: weddings, of course, but Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations, auctions, every bit good every bit offsite operate concern meetings, for starters.

And specially if these involve serving alcohol:

"Host liquor liability included."

And every fleck the brochure points out "[m]any venues postulate liability insurance." I bring to admit, I hadn't fifty-fifty thought of that. But it makes sense, no?

Oh, ane terminal thing, which immediately seems obvious:

"Policies ... tin suffer purchased whatever 4th dimension at to the lowest score ane twenty-four hours before the trial date" [emphasis added]

No kidding.

Special IB Thanks to Bill M for suggesting this topic every bit good every bit helping topographic point together this post.