Navigator Funding besides Agent Commissions

500,000 people inward California alone.

Unlike navigators, insurance agents tin forcefulness out enquire people specific questions well-nigh their health, budget, together alongside therefore recommend a specific innovation or insurer. There are therefore many variables for consumers to review before making an informed decision. That's why agents bring a discussion on provider networks, deductibles, copays, drug costs together alongside other insurance provisions long before talking well-nigh premiums.

Since the rollout of goodluck.gov agents bring seen our commissions cut - together alongside inward only about cases - eliminated. Even when we are paid it's not even out almost what navigators bring received. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation dorsum inward 2013 the average commission agents received on a per somebody per month enterprise reach down was $12.24.

There was no outrage when our "funding" was cut. There was no media coverage showing dorsum upwardly for licensed professionals.

Yet many of us persevere. We exercise therefore because we know how vital we are to the clients we serve. We exercise therefore because we know the value of the production we sell together alongside the service we provide. We are the conduit between insurance companies, providers, together alongside our client.

There are therefore many things that Navigators can't do. But professional person soul insurance agents, we exercise it - together alongside at a fraction of the cost.