LifeLock: Color me underwhelmed

So, the Equifax risk-checking tool confirmed that I was in all probability usage of that elite grouping of 143 1 thou k Americans whose information was hacked. I'd been looking for an excuse to clitoris the trigger on LifeLock, then popped over (using the special IB link that generates an automagic 10% discount).

There was a welcome ("splash") screen, besides at the plow over of the page I clicked "Enroll Now" (I already knew which conception I wanted). The physical care for was pretty straightforward: yous lay inwards your cite besides address besides then on, then the information for dependents (if any). One of the exchange requirements is an active e-mail address, which I happily provided.

At the end, it asked virtually which credit card I wanted to use, warning me that it would in conclusion charged immediately.

Okay, whatever, let's acquire this matter done.

I finished up, hitting "Complete" besides ... that was the finally I've ever heard from them.

No confirmation email. No notification that our application was beingness processed. No Welcome to LifeLock. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

I had only agreed to transcend several hundred dollars with them, besides they couldn't fifty-fifty in conclusion bothered to say "okay, got your info, stand upwardly upwardly by."

The only way I knew we'd been approved (and thence effective) was checking into the site every few hours. Influenza A virus subtype Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 sum solar daytime after I saw that the conception would acquire effective October 1 (which, past times times the by, would bring been overnice if that'd been more than conspicuously disclosed upfront).

By way of contrast, I piece of cake ordered a $3.67 exceptional from Walmart. I correct away received a confirmation email, then a follow-up when it shipped, besides then notification when it arrived.

That's how it's done.

I realize that - then far - LifeLock has no credible competitors, but eventually they will, besides I testament bail on them inwards a heartbeat.

By the way, this doesn't exactly engender a peachy grapple of confidence virtually how I'm going to in conclusion treated at demonstrate that they bring my money.

ADDENDUM: So, a existent overnice lady from LifeLock (finally) returned my call, asking how she could in conclusion of assistance. I thanked her, besides then explained that that ship had sailed, besides expressed (as nicely as I could) why besides where they had failed.

She tried to explain the lack of communication, besides I correct away closed her down: there is no excuse for such miserable customer "service."

Here's a clue: If yous bring to explain why your client service feel is then poor, #You'reDoingItWrong.